Discover the best version of your design business. Together.

For us, success is when a designer finds their voice as a business. They become the guide, leading their clients every step of the way to an incredible environment. Of course, making money matters and you have to thrive financially to be able to sustain your ability to do great work, but being in control of your story and your process is the foundation to that material success.

Who Is It For?

Anyone in interior design (owner or employee) who is looking to elevate their business through a process of weekly exploration. Vicente and Sean expect members of the collective to want to work hard on challenging themselves about why they do what they do with the goal of transformative change. Being perpetually curious, willing to listen to different viewpoints and be part of the conversation are prerequisites.

  • Exclusive Membership

    Membership limited to 60 professionals

  • Private Facebook Group

    Access for convenient communication and networking opportunities with other VW Collective members.

  • Weekly In-Depth Briefs

    A thorough investigation of each week's topic to prepare the collective for productive discussion.

  • Teleconferences

    60-90 minute recorded weekly teleconferences. Brief setup by the host is followed by a guided Socratic discussion and member contributions.

  • Guest Lecturers

    In addition to Vicente and Sean, accomplished creative professionals will take over each group 1-2 times a month to infuse their unique perspectives and experiences into the discussion.

  • Private Quarterly Conversation

    The opportunity to have a private phone call with either Vicente or Sean every three months to address personal concerns

Who are we and what are we all about?

Vicente Wolf has run his design firm successfully for over 40 years, Vicente has seen all that this wonderful industry has to give. The VW Collective is his way of sharing the depth of his knowledge and experience with those who profoundly care, as he does, to bear witness and be part of the evolution of the design business. The goal is to help members to be better businesspeople, artists, colleagues and mentors so that all designers will have the opportunity to do better work, create more of an impact and improve all that it means to be a designer.

Sean has a law degree from UPenn and has worked in or owned businesses of every size business imaginable. Fourteen years ago he started as the President of Preston Bailey Design and began working with Vicente on the business end of innumerable design projects shortly thereafter. Working with Vicente and Preston created a deep commitment to creative businesses. Sean started his consulting business, The Business of Being Creative, almost nine years ago with the idea of helping creative businesses become the very best versions of themselves. Sean’s focus is on everything that happens in a creative business from the moment a potential client appears to the very last moment of a project. Sean’s client list of interior designers includes Vicente, Nate Berkus, Barry Dixon, Sawyer Berson and Frank Ponterio among others.

How it works

Each week we will decide next week’s topic. If there is to be a guest lecturer for the following week, we will announce the speaker’s specific topic as early as possible. Of course, Vicente and Sean will solicit input on topics to make sure we cover what is most pressing to members and their design businesses. We will announce the topic as quickly as we can and if there are any examples any members would like discussed, they will be, of course, more than welcome. The more personal we can get, the better the written content and follow-on discussion. Early the following week, a written post will be placed in Weekly Topics for members to review and even begin discussing in our Facebook group. We will then have our weekly call on Tuesdays at 12:00p.m. EST. Vicente and/or Sean and/or a guest lecturer will host 60-90 minute recorded teleconference. The teleconference will start with a brief introduction of the topic but will be largely a Socratic discussion (a method of cooperative dialogue) on that week’s topic with members adding their opinions and analysis to the forum. Prior questions and thoughts can be emailed to me in advance, but definitely not a prerequisite. Our expectation is that life and business will likely mean not everyone can attend the conference every week. This is why the conferences will be recorded and embedded in the written post. You can look at them as awesome podcasts that you can review at your leisure if you are unable to dial in.

All briefs and teleconferences will be archived and accessible to members so long as they are members. Of course, the archive will be searchable and organized by relevant topic. As Sean has run a similar group, The BBC Collective, for almost a year, he is confident that you will find the archive a treasure-trove of information as the group continues.

  • Topic Survey

    Each week members are surveyed to find a new topic for the week that is selected by Vicente and Sean based on feedback and relevance. Creative or practical, we'll cover every aspect of running your business. Related topics are strategically spaced to keep the discussions fresh.

  • Weekly Brief Release

    Early the following week, the post is released in Weekly Topics and you will be notified via the collective's private FB Group.

  • Weekly Teleconferences

    On Wednesday at 1:00p.m. EST, Vicente, Sean or a guest hosts a 60-90 minute recorded teleconference.

Join the Collective

Membership is subscription-based. Your card will be charged $400/month on a rolling four month subscription basis.
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